The Google Epidemic

Google StethoscopeIt’s the Google-age. Everyone seems to depend on ‘Google search’ – for anything and everything seems to have a “presence” on the Internet – all questions and doubts answered promptly.
But, by far, the most dangerous of search can be medical advice from the knowledge overload and getting all excited with an apparent diagnosis and cure.
Any doctor will tell you, and that goes for medical men and women throughout the world, that the best place to seek advice is a clinic, hospital or at least your friendly neighbourhood physician.
There have been cases, as my doctor confirmed this morning, of people coming in with supposedly life-threatening conditions after going through a Google search and actually not having anything worth a concern.
She spoke of a woman who had a pain in the right side of the chest and came to the hospital thinking her lung was on the verge of collapse! It turned out she has a muscular cramp after an X-Ray and ECG ruled out anything to do with the heart or the lungs.
The doctor was, as expected, quite amused when told the lady is a gym regular and does all those strenuous exercises without a problem.onlinediag
In another instance, a former colleague once said he thought he was on the verge of dying after a bout of nausea and diarrhea made him look up Google that suggested it could be a kidney failure!
When he did go to the hospital, a few glasses of electrolyte and a shot of painkiller later, he was on his way to recovery, and home.
Senior doctors have gone to great lengths telling their patients not to administer self-medication, especially surrender their bodies to online cure. One can look up information online, for sure, since it is there. But there is no need to jump to conclusions or sign your own death warrant!
But that’s what technology has done to us. We have become over-dependent on it, which is dangerous, almost as much as taking medication sold over the Net!