The Godman and his libido

A crowd of mainly-women supporters come out in support
A crowd of mainly-women supporters come out in support
Police officials escort Asaram to court

Fraud man Asaram is spending a night in jail in India’s Rajasthan state as I write this.
While hundreds of thousands of infuriated gather around their television sets for the latest on the conman’s orgies, there are still countless (mostly women) followers who continue to beat their chests and lament their ‘saint’ and ‘savior’ had to see the day.
Strangely, they are convinced he is innocent and that all (rape and sexual assault) charges against him are fabricated. They also believe, again oddly-enough, that the master hypnotist that he is, possesses magical powers that cures them of all ailments.
Even though Indian authorities have acted, albeit 12 days after the case first came to light, we have to see how it pans out and where it reaches in the next few weeks.
I am sure there are hundreds of women, girls, sisters, mothers, etc who have experienced the same ‘treatment’. They should now come forward and build the case against a 72-year old who, investigators have found, still has an “active libido”.
But will they? By the looks of it, even the predominantly-women supporters who are seen so violently attacking every opponent of the fraudster and beating their chests in dismay, could have been the “recipients” of that libido.
Or else why would they swear by him? Are they waiting for their daughters and sisters to suffer the same fate as the 16-year old who filed the complaint? Or are they so shameless that they will look the other way?
Time will tell, but for now, its curtains for the bearded thug!


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