Arm us, not alarm us

Some clearly radical thoughts but that is what the country needs now. We have to do something to ease things. This cannot go on forever!


It’s not that I admire rapes; I am compelled to write about it blog after blog simply because men in India are doing it every single day, brutal gang rapes.

According to a television documentary, at least one woman is raped every 20 minutes in my country. Am I surprised? No, I knew this all along, like every other woman in India. But at least the most brutal and inhuman of acts are now being reported.

The latest happened today: A mentally challenged, speech challenged woman from a shelter home (how sad!) was raped by two men in a hospital lift. The ward-boy and watchman (!) of the hospital, who did the heinous crime, were arrested. But, so what? They already had their feast, right? Even if the men get a life sentence, or death sentence, is justice really served to the victims? Will the scars ever heal?

The stories…

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