Theatre of the Absurd

So today, former Bihar chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav (who was once invited for a guest lecture at Harward, while he was the union railway minister) has gone to jail. Something we did not expect, 17 years after he was known to be involved in a $310 million fodder scam. Great news! Mr Sreenavasan has also been re-elected as the cricket board chief even though … Continue reading Theatre of the Absurd

Awesome Twosome

I have always been an admirer of the Bahrain World Trade Centre. But this admiration has only increased in the last month, ever since I became a regular at my gym, located within the premises. Going in and out every evening, I never fail to be awed by the “awesomeness” of the structure, the twin towers of which support three massive wind turbines, providing some … Continue reading Awesome Twosome

A turn for the desert!

Bahrain’s annual desert camping season to begin in the next two weeks. The “festival”, when hundreds of families stay in tents in the sandy and rocky parts of the Island for months on end, is a time when the area transforms into in large city. Small markets also come up and telecom companies set up mobile transmission towers to enable campers to stay connected. The … Continue reading A turn for the desert!

Bahrain’s Falklands

A question I had asked several months ago has finally been answered. Why is a small island in Bahrain off the coast of Sitra and a popular tourist attraction, called Falklands? The yacht captain then had failed to explain, only saying, in broken English, “I no know.” But now a Bahrain Coast Guard officer lifted the lid off the mystery, explaining the Al Dar Island, … Continue reading Bahrain’s Falklands