Rape of the Law

So now we know why female infanticide is so common in some parts of India. Despicable act and the sentence one again proves that the law is, indeed, an ass – a four-legged one at that!


Two rape cases in India made headlines this morning, one committed by an “underage” criminal and another by a senior citizen “spiritual guru”.Image

In the first case, a teenager (six months short of turnign 18 years) found guilty of a brutal gang rape of a young woman on a Delhi bus last year was sentenced to three years in a reform facility, the maximum term possible for a juvenile.

The mother of the victim, in tears, said the court should rather set him free right away if that was all the country’s law had for punishment. She had been demanding a death penalty for all the five accused.

The father of the girl said it appeared that being born in India as a girl child was a crime. He said, after hearing the judgement he even felt female infanticide should be legalised if the country could not provide security and justice to its women…

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