A haggard-looking Asa Ram threatens journalists

So, Asa Ram “jee” has not been arrested! The “godman” has also not presented himself to the police as he had been directed to.
Not only that, now we have a senior police official saying the “saint” will first be questioned and then arrested, “if we think it is appropriate.”
Wasn’t this expected? When the country’s Home Minister refers to him as “jee” in Parliament, what else are officials expected to do. After all, they will be vary of annoying their political bosses.
A friend who had once attended an Asa Ram gathering a few years ago said yesterday he was witness to an European-looking woman telling the old man he was “hot” and he, in turn, opened his arms wide for the women to melt into them.
All in full public view.
What can we expect from such a character?
The sad part is that there are thousands of Asa Ram’s all over India, with a following of millions. What do these followers see that they throng to their gatherings?
Punjab, where I come from, is notorious for such godmen with religious “deras” (places) spread in their hundreds all over the state. They regularly collect “daswanth” (a tenth) of every disciples earnings telling hapless people this is the only way to be “delivered.”
Drugs, alcohol, sex and sleaze are common and so is the involvement of senior police and administrative officials. It’s a big rigmarole where the common “you scratch my back I scratch yours” adage holds true.
As I said earlier, I have very little hope for the India I knew of. I have said I wanted “My India”.
But will I ever get it?
Looks unlikely.

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