Flab to Fab

20130829_173949It has finally happened! I have joined a gym. And the first assessment report has encouraged me. I am only three kilos overweight, and a few weeks of regular exercise should solve that problem, so said my personal trainer.
The extra kilos are on the belly, which had started to look somewhat like a very small inverted pot over the last few months.
Two days so far and I am already looking forward to the workout for the next few days and beyond.
The best part is the gym, located in Bahrain’s most upmarket locations, gives a feeling of being in a fitness freak’s paradise and inviting.Functional_012
Another incentive is that there are so many other like you – ordinary people who are there to exercise, just to keep fit, stay or become agile or to cut a few inches off the tummy. That makes you feel “not alone”.
Nearly three months out of my old job and two months into the new, I am finally making the most of the extra time at my disposal. Enough of coming home in the afternoon and sleeping it off or lazing around. The time is suddenly productive. And what better way to spend it than getting rid of the unwanted flab?
Here’s to a fitter tomorrow!

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