Singhs Outstanding

That the Sikh community are the most-recognizable beings on the planet is no secret. Yet, now with Sir Ben Kingsley portraying a Sikh driving instructor Darwan Singh in an upcoming Hollywood film, this recognition has become even more obvious. The only reason for instantly distinctive looks is, no doubt, the turban, which makes us stand apart from among thousands. This is especially so in any … Continue reading Singhs Outstanding

Go going GONE

Originally posted on sindhuspace:
Another gang-rape in India within a year, this time in Mumbai, unceremoniously interrupting another poor girl’s life, her dreams and hopes crushed. Eight months after the brutal Delhi gang-rape, in a similar incident, a 22-year-old photojournalist, who was on an evening assignment was gang-raped by five men, and is now in hospital with multiple injuries. The girl was gang raped while… Continue reading Go going GONE

Sir Ambassador The humble Ambassador is the best taxi in the world – so says BBC Top Gear! It didn’t require Top Gear to say that, I have already known it since I was this much. It is not only the best taxi in the world, it is the best thing on four wheels and that’s not an exaggeration! It may not have the best looks, … Continue reading Sir Ambassador