‘Don’t Angry Me’

chicken kalamalaWas so put-off by the despicable fare churned out in the name of Kerala food last night, I took things into my own hands today – literally.
I wanted something spicy, tangy and zesty!
And what better than chicken.
Take oil in a flat pan, stir in generous amounts of ginger and garlic as well as red chilli and pepper flakes; drop in the chicken pieces and fry.
Thirty minutes on a slow fire later, garnish with garlic and fenugreek leaves, a heavy fistful of assorted vegetables, a couple of shredded onions and salt to taste and there you are.
Chicken “ghala-maala” – in other words, chicken Everything!
Believe me, it’s the best. Have it with bread, flat bread or rice. Or just have it (if there is enough). And no better dish than something made right from the heart! Better than any restaurant, eating joint and any fast food place.
And this will be one of the star dishes in my dream Dhaba in Bahrain. Watch this space.
What a stroke of genius!
Sardar tusi great hoe 🙂

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