Spice Not Right

20130822_210225During a brief visit to Kerala in Southern India earlier this year, I became more of a fan of the state’s cuisine. Three days in Kochi and I tried to sample as much of the specialties as I could. But time was clearly not on my side.
However, when I had an urge to have traditional Kerala Karimeen and Naadan Curry today, we were completely disappointed with the fare served at one of Bahrain’s supposedly well-known restaurants specializing in fare from that part of India. No spice. No tang. No taste. No zing.
It was more of a let-down since the ambiance was just right – artificial rain, a traditional house boat complete with a boatman, elephant paintings and traditionally dressed bearers.
We have had better Kerala food at down market places in downtown Manama though even that is not really authentic.20130822_205611
Strange how a country with half its population from India, and three-fourth of them from Kerala, cannot produce even one authentic place where one can enjoy traditional cuisine.
And this is only for Kerala food. The less said about the others, the better. 

We are planning another visit to Kerala in the near future when, I hope, I can convince a traditional equivalent of a master chef to make Bahrain his base. He will do roaring business, that I can guarantee!

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