Black, White, or Brown

This video of an apparently unprovoked attack on an elderly Sikh gentlemen in Coventry, England, has once again brought to the fore how the younger generation in the West has become increasingly intolerant towards immigrants, particularly Indians.
The reality is, however, that they are jealous of the success of Indians who have worked their way up to find a permanent place on the top echelons of British society. And they have achieved this position and stature only because the complete incompetence of the local population that has become almost completely dependent on the hundreds of thousands of civil servants, bureaucrats, doctors, engineers and policemen who come from India.
When Indians first came to the British Isles, they were seen as workers who would continue to be ruled, as they were pre-1947. When the British were thrown out of the country, that did not happen. On the contrary, these Indians went on to occupy prominent positions and are now even seen in Parliament and the House of Lords. This is, perhaps, too much to tolerate for the youngsters who possibly feel it is their jobs these hard-working people have taken.
What is even more appalling is that the attacker, who was allegedly drunk, targeted a senior citizen who was unable to defend himself. He did, however, resist but was accosted by the women’s male friends. He then fell on the road. And no one helped him or came to his assistance.
The silver lining is that courts have now taken a very serious view of the incident and the teen is being held without bail for at least three months.
Hopefully, she will receive a maximum five-year sentence and that would be an example for any others who want to enter into such a misadventure.
What must be clear here is that this very dangerous trend could lead to something far more serious globally. It’s a time bomb waiting to go off. And it has to be defused.

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  1. * Small Town Girl * says:

    A shocking racially-driven attack! Being a young British Indian I feel appalled at how this Uncle was pushed, shoved and spat on in broad-daylight and hope that this young chav does get the maximum sentence.


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