Boys and Men

Over the past few months, I have come into contact with several of my school friends, courtesy Facebook. They are spread all over the world in various professions, and all of them are doing well.
All of us have now “aged”, some have made it to 50 years and other are approaching or crossed the half century mark.
We all have little or a lot of white hair, a hint or more of pot bellies, a wrinkle here and there, grown-up and settled children and at least one has also recently become a father-in-law.
How time has flown. It seems only yesterday we were in school, dodging the ever-watchful eyes of our teachers (Brothers) and several other teachers for each of whom we had special names.
I have not met any of these exceptional men for decades, not after I finished school, but somehow feel if I ever do, we can recreate the times we spent at school.
I don’t mind going back to those days at all – if ever there were a chance. “Ghora”, “Mulla”, “Majj”, “Bhoori Majj”, Pauljee, “Rozi”, Miss Perry – and a few more I do not remember, were all great teachers who never let go of an opportunity to use the whip when we did wrong.
But at the end of the day, that is what has made us into the humans we are now.
I remember the faces of those teachers and I remember our faces. Nothing has changed, at least in thought.
And, yes, we have one thing in common! “Looking” at each other now, I am sure we all feel we have not grown up. We have only matured!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mohit says:

    Wow gud work n lovely words day was made.


  2. aulakhharjit says:

    Very true Mandeep…….those teachers made us what we are today……


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