Jai Ho Ho

I saw on television today the most outrageous Independence Day celebration ever. Two local politicians in a small North Indian hill town jostling with each other and virtually coming to blows, both wanting to hoist the national flag.
Unable to take the humiliation, it appeared the Tricolour unfurled itself, showering petals on the gathering.
That’s what has become of our country – and the freedom we were so proud of.
Ordinary people still celebrate the day with patriotism. But is that enough?
Is there anything we as ordinary citizens can do?
Politicians make the laws, they break them; they bribe, they corrupt, they write our fate, they sell the nation to business houses who fund their elections, who in turn take back from us, the people of India!
It is a vicious circle.
The only contribution of the so-called anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare and his ilk is now the script for a promising Bollywood movie, Satyagraha.
I cannot say for sure, but believe, that a lot of money must have changed hands in the process of silencing the gang.
It is sad but I do not have much hope for my country. The way things are falling apart, the extent of corruption, crime and chaos that an ordinary person has to deal with on a day-to-day basis – I should be a confirmed fool to have any.
I do pray for India. I wish some miracle will make a complete turnaround possible for the benefit of the silent majority, the so-called middle class, now almost on the verge of extinction.
As they say, Jai Ho! Jai Hind!!


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