Midlife Meltdown

DSC_4915It’s official. I turned 50 yesterday. Do I feel old? No. Rather, I feel young. Like they say, some men never grow up, and in my case, happily so.
As for the celebrations, I got gifts – a scarf, a coffee mug, and a few other fancy stuff, trendy shirts and trousers and other things I love.
The family also arranged for a birthday cake. And when one gets to blow the candles and cut the cake with the birthday song in the background, who the hell can feel old anyway!DSC_5013
We wound up the day heading for dinner with close friends, followed by an ice-cream treat.
That is when it happened. The two young boys in the group did a vanishing act, leaving their fathers, one being me, holding two dripping messy ice cream cones for as long as we could. While we ended up eating them ourselves, the boys drove in coolly and blamed it on us for not clearly explaining where we were to meet.
Reality then struck: yes, we are past youth to be excused for all our miscalculations. At 50, one is expected to be mature, which thankfully I believe I am.
But does it mean I am old? I don’t think so.
Life begins at 50. I am glad I have completed half a century and that I have a dream life ahead.
Thank you Almighty for walking alongside – always.

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