Stress Out!

stress02Something strange has happened in the last three days. I have not received a single call from office. Rather, I have not received any work-related call. And it’s only Day Three of an extended five-day Eid break! That is strange, going by the experience of several years in the past.
Now that I am no longer in mainstream journalism, I have an off when there is one. No longer does it mean being on call 48 hours a day, 15 days a week, forever being stressed out about what I should have not done or done right, or missed or not attempted or not gone, or not written or not called.
That is the past – history – as they say. There is an overwhelming sense of relief – with all the time in the world to do what I have always wanted to do – be myself. Sadly, the earlier job never allowed that. It would demand from you what you were not, most times unreasonably so – and expected you to dance to a particular tune.LuckyToWorkHere
Dance, I did, but only to a certain level. Then I called it a day. Hung up my pen, so to say.
Yes, I miss the noise, the chatter, the snide remarks, the leg-pulling, the forever chiding and the company of some of the best people I have known but that’s the way things are. That’s
The friends’ company is still there, and will always stay, whether it is someone coming home to deliver my from the earlier work address or another great soul wanting to not go on a motorcycle ride alone.
Some are in regular touch on social media ‘liking’ various posts on this blog and commenting on others while others I have occasionally bumped into have said how I have ‘fled the disaster.’
No, I would not call it a disaster, it was just beginning to become an irritant. And it was better I quit before I turned into another of those zombies some so desperately wanted me to become.
There’s a lot of challenge in my new assignment – a tremendous amount of responsibility – and the authority to take decisions. A few odd calls after work hours do happen on working days but that goes with the nature of the job.
More challenges will come, along with more friends, several other great people are waiting out there. It’s a never-ending process.
And, yes, it’s an environment I enjoy. And that’s important. In fact, that is the key!


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