Bahrain is not the kind of place people normally tend to associate “desert nations” with: Sand dunes, miles of barren open spaces, no water and no greenery anywhere in sight and hordes and hordes of camels.
Nothing is “far” in this tiny island and even the most “inhospitable” desert in the country is just a 30-minute drive from the centre of the capital, Manama.CIMG0296
There are no sand dunes (but plenty of loose sand for vehicles to get stuck if you are not careful); lots of trees, including the centuries-old Tree of Life, workers’ camps everywhere and hundreds of oil wells.
But what is very desert-like are the plenty of camels seen everywhere, particularly during the winter months.
It is not uncommon to see scores of tourists flock to the area to feed the animals and generally get close to them. Camels, at least in Bahrain, are extremely docile and are even seen “posing” for pictures with visitors.
Dozens of camel farms, particularly in the south of Bahrain, are also popular tourist attractions and are on the itinerary of any visiting group.CIMG0294

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