Old IS Gold

Old IS GoldThis old man, who cleans cars at one of Bahrain’s five-star hotels, is the perfect example of the
“one’s never too old to work” adage. Though I have spotted him several times in the parking lot and always declined his offer of cleaning my car, this one I time I was unable to since the vehicle did need thorough washing and dusting. He started as soon as I left the keys in his hand and was still at work when I returned an hour later, giving the finishing touches. I did not get the man’s name but he is fluent in Hindi and Urdu, besides Arabic and English. He said he’s been doing the job for as long as he can remember and would not hang up his chamois as long as he can stand on his own two feet and climb cars. At the end of his marathon effort, he took the same money (around $8) as I would have paid for a 20 minute stop-over at an automated car-cleaning kiosk. But, now, my car has a certain sparkle that it has never seen before.

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