Mouse Hunt

It happened – again – well, just about.
Tyson almost got another trophy – this time a very large rodent. He has tried for the last few weeks to get this creature that has wreaked havoc in our kitchen. This time, he apparently managed to get a bite, but it escaped. The result was a large cut on Tyson’s tongue but we will never know whether it was the rat or his own adventure that caused it!


He is, however, all right, and cleaned up his own mess all over the house, like a true canine!
This pest ( we have all spotted it at several times) turns trash bins upside down, scatters dishwasher tablets here and there, feasts on raw potatoes and tomatoes and even dug up my prized money plant.
The rat also managed to ‘visit’ my bedroom one night with Tyson in hot pursuit but managed to escape. I have set rat traps, two kinds of the caged ones – and set up a glue mat but it has managed to evade all of them – always. Yes, the glue trap did ‘catch’ my foot twice and I had to empty half a can of turpentine cleaning my Havaianas.
Over the last few months, Tyson has managed to catch, and kill, two stray cats that dared to intrude into his space and one rat that had cocked a snook at him for several weeks. In fact, he brought the dead rat to my bedside sometimes at night to perhaps present as a trophy!
This new one had better watch out. Tyson’s in wait! And he will get it – sooner or later!