Sky’s the Limit

Sky's the LimitNothing personifies modern technology than the ability to be talking at leisure and at length with our near and dear ones tens of thousands of miles away. And nothing says is better than this young Indian man, sitting on a Bahrain park bench, “Sky-ping” with his folks back home, showing them the surroundings he is in and giving them a detailed description on what they see.
The Internet now commonplace means such calls over the world-wide web are almost free, a far cry from the days when I first came to Bahrain in 1987. It was then that I used to run up bills of a few hundred dollars on overseas calls and even then come away with the feeling of having spoken “nothing.”
Now, thanks not only to these remarkable gadgets and the excellent communication facilities the world over, distances have been drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated. There already is talk of virtual 3D communication where people from across the globe can “sit” in one “room” and chat, with the aid of only an inexpensive webcam and a reasonably good data connection!

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