Bless You, God

I keep wondering why we always complain about the things we have and what we want to have. We are always in the ‘rat race’ of being someone other than what we are.


IMG_20121023_161341Half the time we seem dissatisfied. Fat people want to be slim, skinny people want to put on weight, the poor want to be rich and the rich are never satisfied with what they have.

20121021_125035I have been prompted to write this after receiving an inspirational mail on a Chinese man, Peng Shuilin who in 1995 had the lower half of his body severed by a freight truck, after which doctors had to sew up his torso. A decade later, he is walking with the help of special devices, running a ‘half man half price’ shop and inspiring people with lectures and urging them not to give up hope.

20121021_131438We come across many people in our everyday lives who do not have the comforts we do, do not have a proper house to stay in, have to be on the roadside most of the time, go back to a ramshackle room without air-conditioning and we often count our blessings and thank God for what we have.

20121021_115904Yet, sometimes, we forget and start our complaints all over again.

There are some pictures here that I always see to realize how blessed I am. Roadside workers in Bahrain who toil in 45 degrees C plus temperatures to fix an underground cable so we do not have a power outage; a frail woman sweeping the stairs on a Mumbai railway platform so it remains clean; an elderly man hopping along on a stick because of his polio-afflicted leg; a mother and child sleeping on the footpath because they have no home to go to and two children reading books picked up from street vendor because they have not known what school means.

8There also are countless hundreds who eke out a living selling fruits and vegetables in the searing heat so that you and me can shop at competitive rates and not be fleeced at the larger stores.

Bazaar 2We see such scenes and stories every day but what we should do is to stop complaining within ourselves. The world is made up of a diverse multitude of people who have to be there to do various jobs so everyone exists. That is life. And it will continue like that.

So let’s just get on with it. And leave the rest to Him!

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