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222The acquittal in the United States of George Zimmerman shows the double standards in the “world’s greatest democracy”. In a case where there was no doubt whatsoever that an unarmed Trayvon Martin was killed in cold blood by a “neighbourhood watch” official, the verdict has come as a complete shock.

After the outrage all over the country and across the world, the US should now take a look at their own “global policeman” role and learn to mind their own business.333

The US wants to be everywhere to allegedly sort out all “evil” anywhere – be it Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan or North Korea but what it has now shown is that its own house is in a shambles.

111What has happened in the aftermath of the verdict has also proved the US is no multicultural and multiracial society as it claims by shouting from the rooftop if required. I have watched all US and other news broadcasts, sifted through hundreds of pictures and do not recall having seen any, if at all, whites protesting. What’s happened to them? Why are they not speaking up? What are their so-called leaders doing? Are they saying anything at all?

66I may have understood incorrectly but there is a divide right through the centre in US society. And this is neither the first nor the last time it has or will happen. The true test of a nation is when it passes through a crisis and the US has failed in this one.

They should reflect and start setting their own house in order before they set out to police the world.

But, then, who can stop them?

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  1. itsjustnora says:

    The picture you have posted has white people in it? I’m not american myself but I think it’s important to not generalise a whole race of people, Zimmerman’s generalisation of black people is what caused such a great tragedy.
    There are obviously race issues in America, but Trayvon’s death just reinforces the need for gun control in america, yet another innocent person has dies at the hands of idiot with a gun.


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