Sizzler Greens

An impromptu vegetable market has sprung up on Bahrain’s Shaikh Hamad Road in the heart of Manama. Scores of sellers set up shop just before noon at the beginning of the road and the market springs to life at the stroke of 12 just as thousands come back home, in keeping with the four-hour afternoon outdoor work ban which starts at the same time.Bazaar
Almost all of them stop to buy very fresh-looking fruits and vegetables as they make their way to their accommodation, most of them having finished work for the day. Bazaar 1
Also taking advantage of the highly competitive prices are many other residents of the area who would rather pay much less even though they have to spend time in the blazing afternoon sun.Bazaar 2Prices being between 30 to 50 per cent less than those at stores, it’s a win-win situation for all. The vendors, most from Bangladesh but some from India and Pakistan, disappear within the hour, many having sold off everything on display during that time.Bazaar 3
Authorities and shop owners may argue these are illegal vendors, eating into profits of legitimate businesses and violating the law but they have been around at several areas within Manama and elsewhere for many years in spite of what we are told is a ‘crackdown’ on their activities!

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