Bust Op

transport,jpgDerelict bus stops, commuters either standing or squatting in the sun and a public transport service no one knows much about is the story of commuting in Bahrain.

One of the derilict bus stops
One of the derilict bus stops

Thankfully, the air-conditioned buses themselves are in pretty good condition and the drivers courteous and friendly. Going by the number of people who travel on them, whatever there is in the name of public transportation in the country is popular and much sought-after. 20130706_091829I happened to take a bus ride after many years last weekend, thanks to my car being in for periodic service and what I saw was enough to convince me that there is a good reason Bahrain has perhaps one of the largest number of cars per capita and why there is so much traffic chaos on its roads. An urgent look at where the public transportation system is going is needed. Prompt action will solve a lot of problems.

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