Weight and Watch

I had thought with my new job, even though temporarily, I would become more active and lose those extra pounds I thought I had gained because my previous outing did not give me enough time to exercise.

I had also thought I would have enough time to not only hit the treadmill but also the road every evening.Image

Well, none of that has happened – yet! Three weeks out of the old and barely a week into the new, the situation’s as was – even worse. For one, my Inspiration, always the better, is temporarily away and for the other, the new schedule has given me a feeling there’s ‘plenty of time’ to do what I have not got around to doing!

The fact also that there has been a lot to do – dabbling in painting the doors and the walls, getting to set up the electrical fittings and whether or not to get the dreaded pest control done to rid the house of cockroaches – has all been time-consuming and tiring – and one needs to rest after all that.Image

But all is not lost. I have indeed plugged in the treadmill and dusted my walking shoes. I have also set up the ‘gym’, as I prefer to call the room with the exercise machine, with a television and a regular bicycle that I have even pledged to take out for a spin and I have not got ice cream into the house for the last more than a month.

I also skip the evening tea when I can and the morning coffee, which cuts a few spoonfuls of sugar. I also walk to my office room from the parking lot, a good five minutes away and make sure to visit colleagues in another building, where there are even stairs to climb.

Sure this beats just driving more than a hundred kilometers a day and sitting, either in the car or the office chair, or even a Press conference or a meeting.

Soon, I will get rid of those extra few inches around the waist as well as (I am told) the swollen face. I will also once again fit into those size 34 jeans I accidentally bought, never mind the more than a dozen 36’s which will then be out of service.

As I said, things have gotten better and continue to improve.

Just waiting for My Inspiration!


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