Bread Talks

Bread Talks

Almost every household in Bahrain has to have the traditional ‘khubus’, ‘kamachi’ or ‘kuka’ – depending on the size – at least once a day. Strangely, very few, if at all, the ‘operators’ of these neighbourhood bakeries are actually Bahrainis, with a very large majority coming from India, more specifically, from the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
Unlike any other country in this region, Bahrain is the only real melting pot of people from scores of countries worldwide, who follow diverse religions and ‘monopolise’ their own skills.

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  1. akw says:

    5 pieces of Khubus for 100 fils!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing. Nowhere on earth the bread is so cheap. Thanks to highly subsidised wheat flour . Government taking care of their not so rich portion of subject.


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