Bread Talks

Almost every household in Bahrain has to have the traditional ‘khubus’, ‘kamachi’ or ‘kuka’ – depending on the size – at least once a day. Strangely, very few, if at all, the ‘operators’ of these neighbourhood bakeries are actually Bahrainis, with a very large majority coming from India, more specifically, from the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Unlike any other country in this region, … Continue reading Bread Talks

Story behind the story, and some more

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Some empathised with her, completely understood her choices, even the emotionally-drivens. Others found her foolish pursuit of love unbelievably appalling. That’s Anjali, whose love story makes my novel, ‘The Plunge’. That baffled me, for I never anticipated such conflicting views from regular book lovers and professional reviewers alike. Anjali, the protagonist of my story, is close to my heart, a character… Continue reading Story behind the story, and some more