Gum it a Go

I learnt something interesting today. That chewing gum helps one concentrate better. Wow – that was a revelation! Now I know why cricketers always look like cows chewing the cud, now I am aware why (ex) colleagues went around desperately seeing gum when they ran out and now I have an idea why I could…

Tiny Thought

This little girl, her father’s hand on her tiny shoulder, looks out towards the setting sun as another day is bid adieu. Oblivious to everything else, the tiny tot is comfortable in her own little world and in her own comfort zone.

The Real Disaster

Shame on you all. Shame, politicians in India! Slugging it out on camera on how much-need aid be distributed to the unfortunate victims of India’s Himalayan Tsunami!. But I don’t blame them. Not any more. They are always like that. They will sell their own mothers and fathers for just trying to feel important and…


Every writer I know has trouble writing – Joseph Heller

Heat and Rest

Thousands of construction and other workers in Bahrain, who rough it out several hours a day, will have a respite from the severe heat for at least four hours a day from the beginning of next month after a summer afternoon outdoor work ban comes into effect. The noon until 4 pm ban, to protect…