Junk Plastic

When I came across this trash bin full of plastic bottles in Riffa yesterday, I remembered of how the state government in India’s most picturesque Himachal Pradesh state has banned the use of plastic bags.11
Since they took the small but extremely significant step several years ago, plastic bags have disappeared, and replaced by paper and even cloth.
The government move drew criticism but soon everyone realized its significance.
India’s southern Kerala state actually pioneered a move to get rid of plastic bags, with even pharmacies handing out medicines in neatly wrapped newspaper sheets.
The same is the case in several parts of Europe where one has to pay to get a plastic bag to take groceries home so most people just bring large bags or baskets along for their weekly shopping.
Here in Bahrain, however, there is still no official move to dissuade plastics’ use. There are efforts by some large outlets to hand out jute or paper bags but, strangely, people here take umbrage to not being handed them over and even want some ’empties’ be given along – perhaps to line bins at home.
Its time something’s done the world over – a start would be to look for alternatives to the millions, if not billions, of plastic bottles being used for drinking water.jh
Perhaps, also, authorities in Bahrain could distribute copies of this poster brought out by the Kerala forest department in India recently to bring the message home.
Plastics are recognized as a problem but efforts being made to prevent its use do not match the concern. Companies that bottle such water should also take a step forward and take bold steps.

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