Bambino, left and Lilly

A close friend reported a few days ago his two pet dogs, Lilly and Bambino, were missing from his home. They greeted the family as it returned home late on June 3 but were not in their Tubli villa compound the next morning.

And this is not the first time in the last few weeks I hear this. Several dogs have gone missing in Bahrain and have not been found. Rumors the missing animals are used for illegal dog fights in the desert abound but these have not been verified. There are also reports they are sold at pet shops or the flea market but, again, a trip there has drawn a blank.

Question is, what would one do with a stolen dog? Sell it? To whom? For what? A dog is man’s best friend but the friend is its owner or master and not just anyone. And dogs don’t just disappear. They have a ‘territory’ and they have a home and they return home no matter what.

My own dog Tyson went missing a few years ago but that was because he got scared of traffic after I insisted he take a walk in the bazaar. Three nights out on the streets later, we found him battered, bruised, and safe, thanks to an American couple who spotted him crouched in the bushes outside their house and called. By the looks of it, the poor fellow had walked around the country in search of home.


What is strange is that Lilly and Bambino went missing together so the heist was obviously planned. Someone who knew them or had watched their movements and behaviour is possibly involved. The family suspects a group of  “boys” who have been seen sitting on the street outside. But who knows?

There was a petition on Facebook a couple of days ago urging an end to selling pets at stores in Bahrain. I wonder how many people signed? I did. We need more such petitions. We need to prevent dogs from simply getting lost. We need something done about this.

Dogs are family members, and more. They are sorely missed. Even if they are destructive and they irritate, they are like your sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. Ask any dog lover!!

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