Little India

DSC_0046When I first came to Bahrain, a friend took me to Central Manama. I could have sworn I never left India, so much was the ‘Indianness’ in the place. More than a decade later, I return often to what is the old Suq and each time am in awe of the fact that in some areas, there is not a single Arab, let alone a Bahraini. But as I looked closely at this photograph taken today, I saw there is not a single non-Indian in the frame. One can see Malayalis, Gujaratis, Punjabis, Sikhs and Tamilians. Look closely and all shop signs are Indian, with the most prominent Arabic sign telling people not to park in the area.
It actually resembles Delhi’s Karol Bagh or Hall Bazar in Amritsar or even Ahmedabad’s Teen Darwaza so if one misses India terribly, one can only drive down to the suq.

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