Gods Must be Crazy

I was intrigued at these online images of so-called God men and women, reportedly with a following of hundreds of thousands in India and all over the world. eeFor the world of me, I cannot imagine what is wrong with people that they have to go to these con artists to speak about their lives and look for possible solutions.

The pictures are self-explanatory. How can someone decked up in kilos of gold and pearls be considerate to others’ problems, let alone solve?

How can a bearded old man say the only way towards ‘salvation’ is to sit in that obnoxious pose on his lap? And how can another man dress up as a ‘guru’ and claim he is His avatar?rrr Yet, they do, and how? They command a worldwide audience of millions, fly executive jets and roam around in swank, diamond-studded Rolls Royce’s – they churn out everyday logic as their own creation and get the ‘believers’ swaying to their every word and action.

That is, until they get to the wrong side of the law. But here again, they get away scot-free because high-ups and people in charge of affairs of the state are their followers.

After all, I have not heard anything about what happened to investigations purportedly launched after they were arrested. Sometimes I feel all that attention is only a ploy to get into the limelight, courtesy obliging television channels – and then quietly carry on doing what they do best – con!

Several years ago as a journalist in Gujarat, India, I did a story on how a so-called swami at a well-known temple was caught with naked women. He was arrested and spent a few days in jail until the state Chief Minister intervened and got him out. The man is still in charge at the shrine.

Then there is this enterprising businessman who asks people to eat what they want, never mind their medical condition, because he believes that’s a therapy. A diabetic, who had renal failure when he started consuming sugar, later sued him.

I saw this man on television now – not in a regular programme but a paid advertising feature – flaunting his philosophy – certainly after paying a hefty fee.

So there you have it. Our Gods in ancients times must have been crazy to live in jungles, sleep rough, consume roots and leaves and travel thousands of miles on foot. All their sacrifices for the good of humanity have been in vain.
They are, perhaps, watching from up there and wondering: “Where did we go wrong?”

7 thoughts on “Gods Must be Crazy

  1. Good one Mandeep. Tamilnadu is notorious for such fake swamis. Remember the so called Swami Nityananda’s bedroom scenes caught by his own people on video, who was later arrested? He scot-free now!!


    1. That’s right. There are countless such swamis. The sad part is the rich and the powerful, the mighty politicians, are all involved. The people should learn, wake up and shun the rubbish.


  2. The Gods must be crazy ! The people who can’t through these fakes are probably crazier and these morons themselves need professional help….delusions of grandeur !

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      1. Yeah …please if I had my way I would expose some of the sick priests the church shields….and be doomed in hell for Blasphemy ! haha but am sure my day will come …..am a blow waiting to hit their heads !

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