ImageSara (right) has found a friend and a home – even if only briefly – and she’s now a typical three-year old.

Scores of Good Samaritans came forward to help after the Bahrain media highlighted the plight of her father Mohammed Sikander Samrat, forced to live on the streets along with Sara.

She spent last night in the comfort of one such Samaritan’s home, with his own daughter of the same age for company.

It was a great feeling to see her in new clothes and a wide grin, perhaps for the first time in months.

Several job offers for Mr Samrat and financial help to get his life back on track have poured in.

Hopefully, Sara and her father will soon be re-united with the rest of their family.

The wheels are in motion – it’s only a matter of time that a miracle happens. Cheers to all who responded to this family’s crisis, and good luck to the Samrats.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karan says:

    Good job Bhai! God bless you for bringing out the story and getting him a new lease of life!


  2. singhcircle says:

    Hopefully, this will be better for him now. He has one worry off his mind for now. The child is being looked after by an Indian family and is very happy there.


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