Give Sara Her Mom


This desperate father and his three-year old daughter have been virtually living on the street in Bahrain for many months.

Left without money even for a decent meal, this Indian from New Delhi is unable to send Sara to her mother back home since he does not have the money to get her a passport.

Mohammed Sikandar Samrat’s world turned upside down nearly four years ago when a business deal went sour. More than $100,000 worth cheques written to this subcontractor by his partner bounced.

After endless visits to local courts, the partner’s home and office, the embassy and social workers, he is now compelled to live in a mosque, a park, a friend’s car and a single room without electricity, depending on the time of the day. His daily budget is half a dollar that buys milk and biscuits for Sara and khubus (Arabic bread) and chickpeas for himself.

The situation forced him to send his wife, a trained nurse, and his two older children, four and six years old, back home. Six months down the line, he and Sara find (make-belief) relief from the sweltering heat of a desert summer under a palm tree in a park, the little girl’s body covered in mosquito bites and rashes.

Co-incidentally, it was on Mother’s Day when I met the father and daughter yesterday, and the only contact this child had with her mother was the brief talk over phone, which consisted of her listening to her mom’s sobbing, mostly.

This family is scattered across the globe – the daughter is with the father thousands of miles away from her mother, the mother herself now contemplating leaving her other two children in the care of her own sick mother and moving to Saudi Arabia to work as a home-nurse! This father is in a fix – he cannot get work because Sara needs him around – and all because one man refuses to pay him his money, even in easy installments.

Wake up people, this man needs help, and Sara needs us. Let’s help. NOW.

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