“Master” Chef

vhbvYou know your daughter’s grown up when “what’s for dinner?” turns into “I’m making dinner tonight.”

Though she has asked this several times in the last few years, never do I realise it more when I am beat, or down with a sprain in the leg, like today.

She comes to me with a big smile on her face, dispatches her brother off to the store to buy some essentials and says she’s going to make soup.

Well, that was like music to my ears – so I went back to doing what I do best at such times – get on with the television and Temple Run.

A while later, as I hear sounds from the kitchen, I know the iPad is out and Mr Google is on the job. I also “smell” soup, fried bread, animated arguments and a clattering of pots and pans.

I am re-assured she is on the job and will serve up something highly edible.

Exotic stuff, some of the names of which I cannot even remember, has been served in the past so I know I do not have to worry.

As I see her at ease with what she is getting better at by the day, I cannot but feel she is on the right track – whether it is with the knife and the ladle or with lessons at school.

God bless daughters.

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