Lights! Sound!! ACTION!!!


Bahrain’s National Theatre has opened. And what an effort it is!

The imposing structure next to the Bahrain National Museum literally just ‘sprung up’ out of nowhere but what emerged is an architecturally amazing building, thoughtfully designed and conceived.

Though not having witnessed a performance, i was told those present were in awe of the imposing structure as much as they were of the artistes.

The investments Bahrain is making in arts and culture will, no doubt, go a long way in permanently establishing it as a culture capital of the Arab world, but what it will also do is to bring out local, until now hidden, talent among local youngsters.

Bahrain is blessed to have such a strong set-up in the field that will inspire countless numbers to take to the stage to not only earn a livelihood but also to showcase themselves to the world. This may also be a prelude to a Bahraini theatre personality emerging on the international stage.

Bahraini talent in several spheres is already well-known, and this will only add to the significant list of firsts.

There are, no doubt, several globally well-known theatres and artistes but what Bahrain has shown few others can boast off.

The facilities are in place – the talent is waiting and all that is needed is for us to jump in.

So get going, Bahrain!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashok Wadhawan says:

    Lights, sound, action. Where is the camera?
    So lights, sound, camera action, I think?


    1. singhcircle says:

      It’s theatre, so no camera!!


  2. Ashok Wadhawan says:

    Another feather in your cap/turban. Good luck


    1. singhcircle says:



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