It’s the Sale!

It was a sale I was looking forward to. The last few months had been those of anticipation after a garment factory director right here in Bahrain said I would be invited when the “surplus” stuff would be disposed off.noname

And yesterday it happened! The chance to buy trousers and shorts from leading American brands at a dinar or two was just too good to miss!

Though we were among the select few allowed 30 minutes of grace, the hundreds who came in as gates opened at 10 and literally swamped the area, almost made sure we were not allowed to leave.

What I had thought would be a “few friends and acquaintances”, were in fact top bankers and businessmen, chief executives, ordinary folks like me and you and our neighbors.

Everybody told everybody else, it seems, so everyone was there. It was an occasion to meet up with some we never ordinarily so – some even out of ‘uniform’.

One gent in shorts and a bandana I came across, and did not recognise, was a top executive in ‘mufti’ while I was myself taken aback to see a stern-looking banker in what could best be described as bathroom slippers.

If it weren’t for the bags of clothes people were carrying out, I could have sworn it was just a families’ picnic.

But, at the end of the day, everyone seemed happy – including me – after having gone down by a month’s grocery bill in just a few minutes !

May you flourish, my friend! And may your tribe grow!!

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  1. zuhair says:

    Nice to start with. All the best


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