Doc Trouble!


I write this after a spate of emails following a news report on a woman, who was repeatedly mis-diagnosed at a leading Bahrain private hospital for a condition in her leg, and miraculously survived amputation.

She was lucky because she went to a government hospital where she was correctly treated in the nick of time.

Several of the emails spoke about how they had gone through similar experiences at some private hospitals and clinics and urged the naming and shaming of such facilities so others could avoid the trauma.

I agree totally with this view and am appalled why Bahrain’s newspapers have refused to name them even after they have been implicated by competent authorities.

I am also at a loss for words how callous these hospital authorities are because they know they are safe.

This only serves to make them more arrogant and, in turn, callous, as they continue to make the errors they do.

What is annoying is that at many times newspapers are selective naming offenders, depending on who the promoters and owners are.

This is quite clear in the case of this latest incident which happened at a hospital owned by a well-known name in Bahrain.

An incident more than a year ago had me in tears when I was told about how a five-year old was not only mis-diagnosed at another private hospital but when doctors realised they had made a blunder, tried to cover it up and insisted on ‘treating’ a corpse.

More than a year down the line, the boy’s father has got a court order against the hospital and authorities have summoned officials for a disciplinary hearing but nothing has happened in terms of punishment or strictures.

What is worse, the very doctors responsible are still on the job.

And, yes, the hospital has still not been named.

Bahrain has, on paper, the best and most-comprehensive laws governing medical practice and now also has a custom-made authority to book, investigate and punish such offenders.

That is all in order but the best punishment is to name them – that will be the biggest deterrent!

I am sure everyone agrees.

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