Off to colder climes… well, just about

Seagulls are a frequent sight every evening at the Muharraq seafront in Bahrain. Though these migratory birds are seen throughout the year, they are more visible during the winter. While the heat of Bahrain’s infamous summer is already upon us, the evenings are still pleasant, making the seagulls a welcome sight for those who take a walk along the coast. Continue reading Off to colder climes… well, just about


This electricity bill from the 1950’s is displayed at the offices of Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority. The ancient document tells the story of power rates in those times. The bill, of only Rupees 5 (now approx $2), was for a month’s usage of electricity by one of the country’s then (and now) largest business houses. Power has always been highly-subsidized for residents but the … Continue reading Retro

Another View

An Ariel view of Bahrain’s bustling main financial district as seen from a Diplomatic Area skyscraper. Five-star hotels and multinational companies’ offices share space with government ministries and residences in the capital, Manama, where the skyline resembles that of any other major city. Parking is a major issue and most establishments have covered space for vehicles keeping in mind the extreme heat for at least … Continue reading Another View

Vintage Dhow

This run down fishing dhow lies at the Muharraq coast, perhaps reminiscing on the days when it proudly ruled the seas off Bahrain. Most fishing is now done on modern boats and dhows made of steel, aluminium and fibre. Some traditional wood and straw vessels are still afloat but these are mostly used for ceremonial occasions and for visiting tourists to see and experience. Craftsmen … Continue reading Vintage Dhow