Suq Reborn


I have seen over the last two years how business in Bahrain has been badly affected by the unfortunate sequence of events.

No one has been worse affected in this turmoil that this tiny nation has gone through than the small traders and businessmen, who have had to either downsize their operations or close them down.

However, in the last few weeks, there has been a noticeable change with a large number of smaller traders in the Bab Al Bahrain area now saying things are “still bad but getting better”.

This is significant since a few months ago, all they were saying in “nothing’s happening.”

While these businessmen have finally woken up to the fact that they need to themselves do something to get shoppers back, the government is also doing its bit.

The very popular BAB Market has now been followed up by the Heritage Festival though I must admit the former was more attractive.

The bottom-line, however, is more people are visiting and more people are shopping. Clearly, things are changing though not as rapidly as one would want them to.

It is imperative this tempo is maintained by everyone concerned – not only the government and traders!

Let it not be left to a few enterprising people to manage everything – it is everyone’s suq, everyone’s country and everyone should have a vested interest in seeing the nation flourish.

As for the skeptics who never see anything good and believe only in spreading their hands for help from government bodies, they would do well to look beyond their noses and help re-build Bahrain to what it was post February 2011!

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