The path – to the rooftop shack!!

This ramshackle doorway opens into a dilapidated staircase in Downtown Manama and is the ‘route’ to a bed space on the old run down building’s rooftop. This is a “labour accommodation” where expatriate workers stay, paying a dollar a night for bed space. They pay per use to sleep, without running water or electricity. These…


Wheels of fortune

This bicycle sale and repair shop In Downtown Manama, with bicycles hanging upside down, perhaps exemplifies the lives of thousands of Asian expatriates who come thousands of miles from their home countries in search of greener pastures – and, perhaps, a change in fortunes!


Trapped by Life

“WORK – If all wealth is gained from it, how come the wealthy never have to do it?” This is the question I keep asking myself when I see workers toiling in unforgivable conditions. The temperature today was 42C plus and it was unbearable to be out in the sun. Walking a few score feet…


Talk the Walk

Workers leave a construction site after a hard day out in Bahrain’s blistering heat. With temperatures touching 40 degrees C, being in those conditions and doing hard labour requires some effort. But, again, these blue collared workers are any city’s lifeline. Because, if they do not work, we cannot!


Going Home

This municipal worker is heading home after a tiring day’s work in the heart of Manama’s financial district. He is obviously not bothered by the hot summer sun beating down and the noisy traffic all around him as he walks briskly, possibly towards the waiting company transport and, hopefully, a hot, fresh meal. It is…


They are also human

I took these pictures this afternoon from my fourth floor kitchen window as I arrived home from work. As the food heated, I wondered what these men might have had for lunch – or whether they would have eaten at all. I also wondered why we forget how much hardships for some people, while others…


This is life

These two photographs signify the ‘face’ of life. The picture of the garbage collector has been taken in Bahrain where he toils several hours a day to keep the country clean, while the other picture is from Chandigarh, India, where this welder is going home after a grueling day’s work, taking a lift in a…