Surise at Al Dar

The Sun Rises at Al Dar

The ever-glorious sunrise at Bahrain’s Al Dar Islands – one of the perfect getaway’s on the weekend. A short boat ride from the mainland, it’s a dream destination, with its luxury chalets, open air restaurants and lots of song, dance and barbecue. We have had the privilege of visiting several times, most notably when the…


Game On!

Hundreds of while collar expatriate workers, mostly from Bangladesh, converge at the well-known ‘Bangali Galli’ (the street of the Bengali’s) in Bahrain’s Muharraq district every weekend to spend quality time together. They get together not only to exchange notes over the week gone by but also play games, the most popular being carom and cards.…


City Lights!

I spent an hour sitting in my living room balcony last night, just looking at the traffic pass by. Then I looked at the lights in the several skyscrapers around me. And that’s when I got the camera. Every window seems to have a story to tell and so does the traffic. The makeshift weekend…


Friday Prayers in Manama

Weekend Friday prayers in the Old Manama Suq in Bahrain. Thousands of people get together on the streets of the old quarter a little before noon, come hail or shine. The gatherings are rather pleasant occasions during the cool winter months, though  worshipers have to endure sizzling temperatures in the summer.


At the Fishmonger’s

We visit the fishmongers in Manama once a month. And this gentleman, from Bangladesh, keeps the choicest catch ready, cleaned and packed for use as we reach. He is also up to date with technology, liberally using WhatsApp and Instagram for marketing, sending out messages and pictures to customers, who can then decide what they…