Pier Perfect

One of the scores of piers at Bahrain’s Busaiteen coast waits for the winter fishermen as the evening weather starts to cool down after a torrid five months of summer. Such piers, in their hundreds across this small island nation, are used by amateurs and professionals alike who get their fishing rods out to take…

Tree Alone

Star power rules?

This tree stands proudly on the Manama waterfront as if to say it has weathered the severely high temperatures and is ready for the pleasant months ahead. A leading Bahrain astronomer claimed yesterday the worst of the summer is over and declared today as the first day of the ‘departure of the hot weather’. He…


Tyson’s close shave

Tyson’s had a shave today – a really close shave – partly to help him beat the heat but mainly to deal with the mess of his 24×7 shedding hair by the bucketful. We find him rather odd looking after spending nearly a hour and a half at the ‘saloon’ but he seems to be…

Bahrain Lights Eid festival

Eid is round the corner

Bahrain is all lighted up and ready for the Eid festival this weekend. The five-day accompanying holiday is looked forward to with most families preferring to take a shot break overseas. This picture, taken just inside the Isa Town Gate, gives a sense of the decorations around the country!


Falling leaves hide the path – quietly!

As we walked in our compound this evening, negotiating the end of yet another hot and sultry day, I couldn’t but be in awe of such wonderful colours that we encountered. It might be 40 degrees C plus and 80 per cent humidity but that does not stop nature from bringing out its true beauty.…


Second Childhood?

“The summer sun is not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belong to the rain.” Sometimes I wonder why I am in Bahrain – where there is no rain at all in the summer and very little in the winter, when in any case, you do not need it! Stepping out into the…