The lonely one

This crane (I think it’s that) did not move for more than 30 minutes when I photographed it in Bahrain’s Arad Bay. I was hoping I’d catch it taking off in all its splendour but that did not happen. It was the only one there at that time, though there were plenty of seagulls around…

Surise at Al Dar

The Sun Rises at Al Dar

The ever-glorious sunrise at Bahrain’s Al Dar Islands – one of the perfect getaway’s on the weekend. A short boat ride from the mainland, it’s a dream destination, with its luxury chalets, open air restaurants and lots of song, dance and barbecue. We have had the privilege of visiting several times, most notably when the…

Sunset in Manama

Looking Out

Bahraini youngsters on a pier look at the Manama skyline as they prepare to settle down for an evening of fishing off the coast of Muharraq. With the sizzling summer weather easing, particularly late in the evening, such scenes will become even more commonplace in the days and weeks to come.


Summer’s Fall

One would normally associate falling laves with the end of summer but in Bahrain, with scorching temperatures, such scenes are commonplace at the beginning of the season. No matter how much one cleans out the piles,  they come right back. While it may be painful in keeping the garden and the compound neat, the leaves…

Soaking in the sunset

It’s the sunset again, without the sun this time. Bahrain’s Tubli coast is not known to attract very many migratory birds and certainly not during this time of the year when temperatures are touching 40C. However, this pretty bird (looks like a Japanese crane) seemed oblivious to the hot weather and ventured out into the…

Sunset, Sun, Colour, Beautiful, Beach,

No one ever said sunsets are boring

This is a beautiful Bahrain sunset – yet again. This is one magical aspect of this tiny island nation, and each time I step out with the camera, it creates an extremely vivid, and unreal feeling. This quote by John Ruskin sums it up beautifully: At sunset, nature is painting for us….day after day….pictures of…


Magical Moments

There’s certainly something magical about Bahrain sunsets. Every time one goes to photograph the scene, one runs into something different and awe-inspiring. This time, I encountered these riders and their horses galloping into the beautiful golden glow. That apart, there were birds, the rapidly fading light and the low tide, which collectively gave the  area…