Macro this

The colours of the winter are awesome. In the part of the world where I am, our winter is the autumn – with lots of flowers, greenery and a beautiful feeling. I stepped out this morning with a macro filter attached to my Nikon and some of the results are shown here. One can never…


A splash of colour

A whole new look at Bahrain’s Galali Township from a helicopter. One can never appreciate the ‘real’ and ‘true’ colours of houses, lanes and streets as one drives along but the striking colourful beauty comes across picture-perfect from an Ariel photograph.


This, folks, is our winter

Rain in Bahrain is always welcome – and coming after a very long summer, it is even more so. It’s windy, it’s cold, rather nippy at 17 degrees C (yes, that’s COLD here), and the ‘woolens’ are out for many locals. However, for us, we have only moved indoors temporarily – until the ‘cold spell’…


This, also, is the humble ‘idli’

This is the humble idli, believe it or not! The popular South Indian rice cake snack, so well-known all over the world and eaten in combination with the all-time favourite sambhar, has turned up in an all-new avtaar – the idli manchurian! Now whether the Chinese are twirling their thumbs or not, at their dish…


A slice of history passes on

One of Muharraq’s icons Rajab Bu Muftah is no more. He passed on a month ago. I realised his legendary status on visiting the Old Suq two evenings ago. On finding empty shelves and a locked door at Bu Muftah’s antique shop, I asked an accompanying friend why it was so and he told me…