Old Glory

Bahraini girls play hopscotch in the old part of Bahrain’s Muharraq district.
Though Muharraq Island is considered to be the ‘original’ Bahrain, it had fallen on bad days in the recent past, thanks to the population growth and reckless urbanisation. However, in the last couple of years, the Culture Ministry has started several restoration projects, which are hopefully taking the old lanes and by-lanes, not to mention the ancient houses and ‘havelis’, back to their once glorious past.


Lunch time in Manama

This roadside restaurant does brisk business in Manama over the weekend. Hundreds of people, mostly men, eat at such stalls twice a day. Though it is highly cost-effective, with a full meal costing less than $3, the low price has nothing to do with the the rush of customers for whom it’s a tradition to…


A slice of history passes on

One of Muharraq’s icons Rajab Bu Muftah is no more. He passed on a month ago. I realised his legendary status on visiting the Old Suq two evenings ago. On finding empty shelves and a locked door at Bu Muftah’s antique shop, I asked an accompanying friend why it was so and he told me…


Not kite the way!

I took some pictures of kite-flying enthusiasts playing with what they now call kites. Made of plastic and fibre, with fibre strings as well, these ‘birds’ just fly in the wind, with no skill involved and no sense of adventure. Compare this with the days when we indulged in this sport (yes, it was SPORT…