Mosque in Bahrain

Prayer Island

I have driven by this very busy traffic island in Bahrain’s Salmabad area scores of times but this shot from on board a helicopter presented an entirely different, and surreal look. I cannot for the world of me figure out how a mosque came up ON this roundabout and attracts thousands of worshipers. To top…


Life’s fusion

A mosque, the crescent and the palm – three symbols of life in the Gulf – are seen in this one picture taken during sunset at the Al Ghous Corniche in Muharraq, Bahrain. Bahrain is an Islamic nation in name but is a melting pot of all of the world’s major religions, whose followers stay…


Friday Prayers in Manama

Weekend Friday prayers in the Old Manama Suq in Bahrain. Thousands of people get together on the streets of the old quarter a little before noon, come hail or shine. The gatherings are rather pleasant occasions during the cool winter months, though  worshipers have to endure sizzling temperatures in the summer.


Minaret at sunset

The minaret of one of many scores of mosques in Bahrain pictured with the setting sun in the background even as street lights are switched on. A cellphone tower next to the minaret completes the picture.  


We always score the perfect ’10’

This last weekend I did what I had put off for the last many months. I emptied my turbans’ wardrobe and tried sort them out. I was sure there would be some that I had not worn yet and there would be many that would have outlived their utility. However, that was not the case.…

On God’s and men

This youngster is just one of the scores who are routinely seen on the streets of any city in India – seeking alms in the name of religion. They are dressed as ‘bhakts’ (devotees) of various Gods and Goddesses but, more often than not, are just ‘fly by night’ operators, out to make a fast…