And then it burst into flames

The sky looked surrealistic this afternoon as I gazed out of my bedroom window. It was cloudy, as if about to rain; it was windy, with the icy winds (yes, seems improbable, but there WAS snowfall in Saudi Arabia today and that’s having a ripple effect on Bahrain); and it was dull and dreary, with…


The lonely one

This crane (I think it’s that) did not move for more than 30 minutes when I photographed it in Bahrain’s Arad Bay. I was hoping I’d catch it taking off in all its splendour but that did not happen. It was the only one there at that time, though there were plenty of seagulls around…


Pier Imperfect

The Busaiteen coast in Bahrain, once a thriving collection of rustic chalets, is now being ‘cleansed’ to make way for a luxury waterfront development. The wood and stone structures, as well as the piers leading up to them, are fast disappearing and the ocean eating into what’s left of them. Presents quite a desolate sight…


A splash of colour

A whole new look at Bahrain’s Galali Township from a helicopter. One can never appreciate the ‘real’ and ‘true’ colours of houses, lanes and streets as one drives along but the striking colourful beauty comes across picture-perfect from an Ariel photograph.


My Bookstore

I have always fallen for books – large, coffee table books – but especially those with lots of photographs. Of late, I have started collecting India-specific books – history, culture, arts, and lots of pictures. So it wasn’t surprising I ended up at this roadside books bazaar in Fort, Mumbai when I was there last…