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Anybody speak ‘bird’?

Several moments before I took this picture, I wondered what these birds might be saying to each other after a rather strenuous day out. The racket they made was deafening and ‘exciting’. They were visibly happy, however. I wish we spoke their language. How awesome would that be?


Carrying the burden of fate

This is one of the most disturbing images of life in the higher reaches of northern India. Because of the terrain, the absence of traffic and population scattered across several hills, porters such as this one carry huge amounts of goods – from boxes, cooking gas cylinders, girders, carpets – and everything else – up…

Summer Palm Tree Bahrain

Colours of the summer

This parched palm tree presented a rather sorry sight in the scorching 42C temperature but, even in that state, it was swaying as if happily in the hot afternoon breeze. Watching the picture on the screen later revealed the beautiful and striking colours – with the mix of yellow and green particularly outstanding!


And then they kissed!

I have observed these love birds – a pair of doves really – for the last few days – and have seen them perched ‘beak-in-beak’ on trees, on the fence, the satellite dish and the wall – as if madly in ‘first-time’ love! However, this evening when I took to the camera in trying to…