Mushroom? Here? Now?

It looked like a piece of thermocol in the far corner of the “10 am flower” patch, or was it plastic? But as I continued to water the plants, I forgot about it – until the gardener came over this evening. And he saw it. before I could say the proverbial ‘Jack Robinson,’ he had…


I hate sparrows

I never thought I would hate a sparrow of all the things! I also never thought this teeny-weeny creatures  could cause so much ‘damage’! But after a large group of these birds ‘raided’ our garden over the last few days and picked on every newly-sprouted  sapling, I don’t want to ever see another sparrow. The…


Falling leaves hide the path – quietly!

As we walked in our compound this evening, negotiating the end of yet another hot and sultry day, I couldn’t but be in awe of such wonderful colours that we encountered. It might be 40 degrees C plus and 80 per cent humidity but that does not stop nature from bringing out its true beauty.…


Reaching for the sky

What I am interested in with birds, just as I am with spiders or monkeys, is what they do and why they do it. Pigeons take to the skies near the Bahrain Financial Harbour Twin Towers, Manama. Summer 2015


And then they kissed!

I have observed these love birds – a pair of doves really – for the last few days – and have seen them perched ‘beak-in-beak’ on trees, on the fence, the satellite dish and the wall – as if madly in ‘first-time’ love! However, this evening when I took to the camera in trying to…

Carpet of pine

These large pine trees, so common in the hills of Northern India, typically thrive at high altitudes and present a beautiful ‘looking up’ sight in the summer months. Strangely, though, during winters, they are listless and droopy, perhaps shivering in extremely cold conditions and the ‘weight’ of constant snowfall. This picture was taken during an…