Out of the window

We took a bus ride this morning. This is rather unusual in Bahrain for two reasons. One – there has never been (until now) any public transport that got you anywhere and, two, fuel is far too cheap in this country and there are far too many cars for anyone to really bother about taking…


Old Glory

Bahraini girls play hopscotch in the old part of Bahrain’s Muharraq district.
Though Muharraq Island is considered to be the ‘original’ Bahrain, it had fallen on bad days in the recent past, thanks to the population growth and reckless urbanisation. However, in the last couple of years, the Culture Ministry has started several restoration projects, which are hopefully taking the old lanes and by-lanes, not to mention the ancient houses and ‘havelis’, back to their once glorious past.

Sunset in Manama

Looking Out

Bahraini youngsters on a pier look at the Manama skyline as they prepare to settle down for an evening of fishing off the coast of Muharraq. With the sizzling summer weather easing, particularly late in the evening, such scenes will become even more commonplace in the days and weeks to come.



Books are a hard-bound drug, with no danger of an overdose! I am a happy victim of books  –-picture taken at the Bahrain Culture Ministry Restoration Project, Muharraq  


The hole store

This newspaper and magazine shop, operating virtually out of a hole in the wall in Bahrain’s Muharraq area, is a favourite with Asian, particularly Indian, expatriates, who are able to buy, and browse, publications in many languages. Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati and even Punjabi, are the most sought after and sellers make a neat packet selling…